Best HALAL Food Services


One of our leading vegetable products is mushroom. Adib provides wide range of the best mushrooms that are guaranteed to reach you in its freshest condition. Besides premium quality mushrooms, we also provide a variety of local and imported vegetables that have been screened according to our high quality standard.

1. Asparagus

2. Baby corn

3. Sweet corn

4. Paprika

5. Mushroom Champignon

6. Mushroom Shitake

7. Mushroom Enokitake

8. Mushroom Oyster

9. Mushroom Portabella

10. Mushroom Shiimeji

11. Mushroom Straw

12. Tomato TW

13. Tomato Cherry

14. Onion

15. Shallot

16. Garlic

17. Broccoli

18. Spinach

19. Lettuce

20. Carrot

21. Potato

22. Edamame


    PT. Adib Global Food Supplies was established by Mr. Budi Mulyono as a Trade Company in Denpasar, August 1995...detail


    PT. Adib Global Food Supplies is a service company dedicated in providing various types of halal foods ...detail


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